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About Us

Get ready to shake up the influencer industry. 💥

Our Story

We're Belle and Chufan, founders of NBCN - and we're on a mission to disrupt the status quo. 

As women of color, we've had to break through barrier after barrier in this industry. Mansplaining clients who ignored our expertise. Sexist investors who doubted our ambition. Close-minded networks resistant to fresh perspectives.

Well, we're calling BS on the old way of doing things. 🙅‍♀️


A bold, vibrant community where ALL creators can thrive on their own terms. Picture an agency where your age, gender, skin color have ZERO impact on opportunities. A place where fresh voices are amplified, not silenced. Where investing in each other takes us higher than playing it safe ever could.

This is our vision.

Our passion.

Our rebellion against the notion that being "different" means being less. 👊

At New Beginnings Creator Network, we're writing our own rules:

Your talent speaks louder than any label. 


Progress demands welcoming new views.


Sisterhood is our superpower.

We won't stay quiet.

We won't dim our light.

We won't STOP until real change comes.

Who's with us? If you're a creator ready to show your shine, join our squad! 

The future is bright, bold, and beautiful. Let's seize it together. 🙌 

Founders, New Beginnings Creator Network.

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