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TikTok Livestream Creator Program

As TikTok Live's official partner, NBCN helps creators livestream on their TikTok account in our LA content studio (NBCN LIVE center), grow a following, and monetize their talent with our FREE creator partnership.


What We Offer
TikTok LIVE Creator Partnership


Livestream on TikTok

Personal team + professional studio. Guiding creators through everything they need to know about TikTok Live.


Monetization Assistance

NBCN helps creators align their content with TikTok LIVE's monetization models.


Exclusive Events

Get exclusive traffic boosts and access to TikTok LIVE's official campaigns to maximize reach.


Content Guidance

Creators will receive personalized guidance on content production teams to help with logistics.


Professional studio. #1 creator network. Global reach.



What's in it for me? Do you take a cut of my profits?

  • You keep 100% of what you make on the platform. TikTok pays us directly proportional to what our streamers make. So, the bigger you are and the better you perform in your streams, the better it is for us :)


Can I leave the NBCN anytime I want or am I stuck in a contract?

  • This partnership is completely voluntary. We offer a 14-day trial period with the option to remove yourself from our roster. After the 14 days, either party can remove themselves from the partnership.


What if I don’t live in Los Angeles? 

  • We have remote programs too! You can livestream from home if that’s better for you. For our on-site creators, we can transition you to a home setup within 2 weeks of joining and mastering livestreaming!


I don’t get it, how do we make money from going Live on Tiktok?

  • Gifts through personal branding and community building! Gifts received on TikTok Live equate to money that you can cash out every week.

  • For example: 100 coins (or diamonds) = $1 USD, creators make 50% of every gift sent, so for every $1 USD you’d make 50 cents.


How can NBCN help me monetize?

  • We will be your strategy team through every step of the way. We have proven methods on traffic, monetization, and community building, all of which to be covered throughout our 4 week program.

  • Some examples of this are activate your viewers to light up gift galleries, assisting with gift goals and live battles to win big!

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Monetization record:
100 diamonds = $1 USD

Want to learn more?

If you are interested in partnering with us, fill out the application form below or use the button to schedule an intro call!

111 N Artsakh Ave, Ste 300

Glendale, CA 91206

Thanks for submitting!

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