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For Agents

Are you seeking a collaborative venture with creators, one that is hassle-free, high salary, and requires no prerequisites? A position as an agent at New Beginnings Creator Network could be a wonderful opportunity for you.

We have two kinds of agents

Managing Agent

You manage talents directly with your own business model. This is chance of entrepreneurship. 

Referral Agent

You refer talents to New Beginnings Creator Network. Don't have to manage talents yourself.

Managing Agent

What do we need you to do?

Source and recruit creators to join New Beginnings Creator Network.


Manage their accounts and keep them updated with the latest campaign information in a timely manner.


Develop strategies to encourage the creators you manage to actively operate their accounts.

What can you earn?

A high-return entrepreneurial opportunity at no cost, where you will earn a long-term commission from the revenue generated by the creators you manage for New Beginnings Creator Network.


A role with no entry barriers or location restrictions, allowing you the freedom to manage your creators from anywhere, anytime.


Invaluable managerial experience, where handling several hundred individuals will make any future job seem effortless.

New Beginnings Creator Network —— Where Effort Meets Success

Input your time commitment, number of creators you'll manage, and other factors. We'll provide a customized estimate of your potential earnings as a New Beginnings Creator Network agent based on real data. 

*This calculator is for estimation and demostration only. It's not a gurantee of the actual income.

Be Our Agent!

111 N Artsakh Ave, Ste 300
Glendale, CA 91206

Are you planning to be our agent?

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